B-17 Rides



 Experience a flight of a lifetime!

“Yankee Lady,” the aircraft supermodel of the Yankee Air Museum (YAM) is available for Flight Experience (FLEX) Rides when the aircraft arrives for the Waterloo Air Show June 28th & 29th, 2014. For a donation of $450.00 (USD), a person can be one of twelve passengers on the historic B-17 Flying Fortress. FLEX Rides are available for purchase now.

“A FLEX Ride in this venerable time machine provides memories that last a lifetime,” said Dave Wright, YAM’s director of Flight Experiences. “Once it’s at cruising altitude, passengers are able to move throughout the aircraft. Only the pilot seats, tail gunner’s position and ball turret are off limits. The photo opps are priceless.”

Wright explained that World War II Veterans especially, but children and grandchildren of America’s Greatest Generation are moved by their new perspectives. He said most people walk away beaming, having been awestruck by the sights, sounds and sense of pure flying.

While flight plans vary, pilots often take special requests on routes. The experience lasts about 45 minutes, from engine start to engine shut down, with actual air time of approximately 30 minutes. People are encouraged to pre-book their FLEX Ride. Certain age restrictions apply and flights are limited. For more information, to order a ride or to obtain a gift certificate, contact the Yankee Air Museum at (734) 483-4030, ext. 236.

“Fly in a ‘Fort’ and challenge your imagination to the same heights of heroism as those displayed by crews of our U.S. Army Air Forces,” encouraged Wright, concluding, “you won’t be disappointed!”

For more information about YAM call 734-483-4030 or visit the www.yankeeairmuseum.org website.

Watch a video of the experience that awaits you.

Note: The price of your B-17 experience does NOT include admission to the Air Show.